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Learn how the influenza community is responding to COVID-19

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We can make influenza history

We’re working to solve one of science and nature’s greatest challenges — the development of a universal influenza vaccine — and prevent the next global pandemic.

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Up-to-date reports, events and news from the pursuit of an effective, long-lasting influenza vaccine.

Collaborative Convergence


Collaborative Convergence: Influenza Innovators

The pathway toward a universal influenza vaccine is being laid by bold thinkers and the latest scientific and technological developments.

You are the solution

Whether you’re a materials scientist, a machine learning specialist, or a glycobiologist, your unique perspective could be the key that unlocks a breakthrough.

Tech Professionals

Ambitious goals demand new technologies. We need creative engineers and scientists to lend their expertise to accelerate scientific discovery.


Scientific breakthroughs can come from the most unexpected places. We’re looking for researchers in a variety of fields to share knowledge to solve urgent scientific questions.

Thought Leaders

We need visionary matchmakers to help identify the scientific questions standing between us and a universal influenza vaccine and work across the network to find innovative answers.

Catalytic Funders

We’re looking for funders who share our vision of making influenza history. We will connect you with Influenzers who have ideas worth funding.