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The Threat of Influenza

Our Approach

We’re leading a modern-day movement with the potential to make influenza history.

Only a universal influenza vaccine – with the power to provide longer-lasting immunity against many strains – will protect us against the constant threat of influenza.

But with so many questions about influenza viruses left unanswered, creating this vaccine is no easy feat.

Complex challenges require innovative solutions. The Influenzer Initiative, led by the Sabin Vaccine Institute, seeks expertise from different disciplines to find unexpected solutions to one of science’s greatest challenges.

That’s where you come in.

Accelerating the Development of a Universal Influenza Vaccine

The Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group convened in 2018 to explore challenges and opportunities to develop a universal influenza vaccine. The group’s recommendations on how to overcome the scientific, financial and organizational barriers to developing a vaccine are synthesized in the report Accelerating the Development of a Universal Influenza Vaccine.



Our Convergence Science Agenda

Building on recommendations of the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group, Sabin kicks off our Convergence Science Agenda to accelerate the discovery and development of next-generation influenza vaccines. The Convergence Science Agenda aims to establish guideposts and stimulate intellectual and capital investment required to expand vaccine protection, shorten production timelines and speed clinical trials. Sabin will convene working groups combining influenza and vaccine development expertise with groundbreaking science and technology tools. These radical thinkers will combine previously distinct knowledge and methods to detail novel pathways and innovative approaches for overcoming long-standing challenges in UIV development.

A New Paradigm for an Age-Old Problem: The Threat of Influenza

The 'Convergence Research' paradigm combines previously distinct knowledge and methods from across the science and technology landscape to shape novel pathways and innovative approaches for overcoming long-standing and vexing societal challenges. Using this framework, next-generation influenza vaccines are Sabin's target. Building on recommendations of the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group, our work will convene a diverse and bold set of thinkers and leaders to stimulate the expanded intellectual and capital investment required to transform vaccine protection against the threat of influenza.

Emerging Convergence Scholars

Advancing emerging opportunities for next-generation influenza vaccines will require the engagement of the next-generation of scientific and technology leaders. Sabin is supporting three innovative graduate-level students to contribute to developing our Convergence Science Agenda as Emerging Convergence Scholars. Awardees will attend one of three meetings to be held in Boston, Singapore, and Spain, respectively. There, emerging scholars will have the opportunity to engage with transdisciplinary experts as they collaborate to build a Convergence Science Agenda and to share these ideas and their experience through multimedia channels, inclusive of Sabin's Influenzer community.

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You are the solution

Whether you’re a materials scientist, a machine learning specialist, or a glycobiologist, your unique perspective could be the key that unlocks a breakthrough.

Tech Professionals

Ambitious goals demand new technologies. We need creative engineers and scientists to lend their expertise to accelerate scientific discovery.


Scientific breakthroughs can come from the most unexpected places. We’re looking for researchers in a variety of fields to share knowledge to solve urgent scientific questions.

Thought Leaders

We need visionary matchmakers to help identify the scientific questions standing between us and a universal influenza vaccine and work across the network to find innovative answers.

Catalytic Funders

We’re looking for funders who share our vision of making influenza history. We will connect you with Influenzers who have ideas worth funding.

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