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Ep. 10: Valuing Vaccines: Ensuring Economic Health & Security for All

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The Influenzer Initiative’s video series highlights critical insights from conversations with leading infectious disease researchers, funders, and policymakers, who examine how recent vaccine breakthroughs could be applied to thwart another—potentially worse—pandemic threat: influenza.

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Episode 10: Valuing Vaccines: Economic Health & Security for All

In our latest video and the season finale of season 1 of the Lessons from Covid-19 series, we tackle the value of vaccines.

Given all that the world has lost to COVID-19, it’s hard to ignore the importance of preventing infectious diseases—yet if history repeats itself, that is exactly what will happen: another spin of the public health cycle of panic and neglect. One approach to breaking this cycle is to demonstrate the full value of key public health tools such as influenza vaccines, which save livelihoods as well as lives. Listen as researchers and policy experts make the case for public and private investment in developing next-generation influenza vaccines.

Featuring: Moses Alobo, Cheryl Cohen, Julie Gerberding, Margaret Hamburg, Ben Jones, Gagandeep Kang, Gerald Keusch, Jerome Kim, Florian Krammer, Andrew Lo, Marianna Mazzucato, Kanta Subbarao and Eric Topol.

To learn more, read our latest article with Nature Research Custom Media, “Revealing the hidden value of vaccines” here:


Scientific leaders discuss the future of pandemic vaccine R&D in light of the COVID-19 response.