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Our Approach

We’re gathering expertise from diverse industries to drive ambitious solutions to one of science’s — and nature’s — greatest challenges. Together, we can stop the next influenza pandemic before it starts.

Our Progress

See the steps we are taking to harness new thinking, scientific advances and technological capabilities in our pursuit of a long-lasting influenza vaccine.

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October 2018

Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group Convenes

The Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group convenes influential, out-of-the-box thinkers across scientific, medical, industry and regulatory sectors to vigorously probe a single topic each year and develop actionable recommendations. Meeting 100 years after the 1918 – 1919 influenza epidemic that killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide, the group focused its initial meeting on the urgent need for next-generation vaccines and Big Ideas for jump-starting the development of a universal influenza vaccine.

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April 2019

Influenzer Initiative Holds Call to Action with Vaccine Champions

The Influenzer Initiative, hosted by the Wellcome Trust, engages leaders in influenza and vaccine research, technology, industry, funding and policy to reimagine development of a UIV. Building on their insights, Sabin’s funding partner, Flu Lab, working with the Center for Open Science and the Public Library of Science, launches a platform to expand access to null and negative research results and encourage replication of influenza research findings.

cover of report - Universal Influeza Vaccine
July 2019

Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group Report Issued

Following their initial meeting, the Group releases a report communicating the urgent need for a universal influenza vaccine (UIV) and putting forward bold recommendations.

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August 2019

Options X Conference Spotlights Sabin-Aspen Report

The 10th Options for the Control of Influenza (Options X) conference features a conversation on the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group Report, co-hosted by Flu Lab. Representatives of biotech, industry, government, academia and philanthropy probe how the report’s “Big Ideas” around scientific collaboration, data sharing and transformative funding can be incentivized and realized.

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January 2020

S&T Innovation Agenda for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development

The ‘Convergence Research’ paradigm combines previously distinct knowledge and methods from across the science and technology landscape to shape novel pathways and innovative approaches for overcoming longstanding and vexing societal challenges. Using this framework, next-generation influenza vaccines are Sabin’s target. Building on recommendations of the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group, our work will convene a diverse and bold set of thinkers and leaders to stimulate the expanded intellectual and capital investment required to transform vaccine protection against the threat of influenza.


It's Time for a Next-Generation Vaccine


The Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group brings together senior leaders across many disciplines to examine some of the most challenging vaccine-related issues and drive impactful change. Members are influential, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who vigorously probe a single topic each year and develop actionable recommendations to advance innovative ideas for the development, distribution, and use of vaccines, as well as evidence-based and cost-effective approaches to immunization.