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FVF Ep. 4: Unlocking Influenza Pandemic Prevention

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Episode 6: Outwitting the Evasive Influenza Virus

Learn why influenza is the king of viral evolution and the novel solutions required to finally outwit and eliminate this persistent threat.


Outwitting the Evasive Influenza Virus

Why do we need to get the flu vaccine every year? When it comes to viral evolution, influenza is unmatched.
In episode six of our series, global experts and innovators discuss why influenza is the king of viral evolution, the need for globally accessible next-gen sequencing technology and how a universal influenza vaccine could finally outwit this persistent pandemic threat.
Featuring Amesh Adalja, Jonathan Heeney, Edward Holmes, Daniel Perez, Martha Nelson and Stacey Schultz-Cherry.

When you think about pandemic threats, not every pathogen has that capacity, but one that continually rises to the top of that list is influenza, because it’s done it time and time again.

Amesh Adalja

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