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Refueling the Innovation Engine in Vaccines

An excerpt from the Sabin Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group report, “Accelerating the Development of a Universal Influenza Vaccine”.

In this white paper from the report, “Accelerating the Development of a Universal Influenza Vaccine”, authors Michael Conway, Adam Sabow, Jennifer Heller, Gila Vadnai-Tolub, and Tara Azimi explore how to reinvigorate innovation for vaccines. The paper examines industry trends that reveal a plateau in innovation for vaccine development over the past five years.

Read the full article for more on the latest trends, opportunity areas, and key priorities for researchers, manufactures, government, policy makers, and funders to refuel the vaccines innovation engine.

“We are now seeing a flattening development pipeline with the share of growth from new vaccines launched down from almost 50% in 2011 to less than 15% in 2017- the lowest level in 20 years”