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Coronavirus shows how we need vaccines before, not after, an outbreak

An article in Fortune Magazine by Seth Berkley, Gavi CEO and member of the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science and Policy Group makes the case for investing in vaccine R&D before outbreaks occur, including the need for accelerating a universal influenza vaccine.

Not only would a universal influenza vaccine be transformative in eliminating the threat of seasonal and pandemic flu, it would be especially impactful for global vaccine equity. 

“The development of a universal flu vaccine, one which protects against every influenza virus—including novel strains with pandemic potential—is the only real solution to these challenges and our best shot at preventing a pandemic. By making it available to everyone through existing routine childhood immunization programs, the need to produce large volumes of vaccine at short notice in an emergency situation would be precluded, as would some issues relating to inequitable access to vaccines. And by ensuring everyone is protected, we stand a much better chance of preventing pandemics before they occur.”

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