Flu News Day, 6/21/2022

Read the latest on influenza vaccines and upcoming funding opportunities in this week’s roundup.

June 2022

Comparison of influenza and COVID-19–associated hospitalizations among children < 18 years old in the United States—FluSurv-NET (October–April 2017–2021) and COVID-NET (October 2020–September 2021)

A recent study from the US CDC found that influenza associated hospitalization rates among children under 12 years old were similar to or higher than hospitalization rates for COVID-19, while other age groups experienced higher COVID-19 associated hospitalization rates compared to influenza. Comparing 2020-2021 COVID-19 pediatric hospitalization rates to past influenza pediatric hospitalization rates (from the 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020 seasons), the study shows that both diseases hospitalize high numbers of children. Read the study by Dr. Miranda Delahoy and colleagues to learn more about the ongoing burden of respiratory illnesses in children.

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June 2022

NIAID Mouse Study Shows Benefits of COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine vs. Intramuscular

New research from NIAID shows that nasal vaccines may provide better protection against COVID-19 compared to COVID-19 vaccines currently available which are administered intramuscularly. While muscle-administered vaccines produce only Type G antibodies primarily in the lungs, nasal vaccines protect the nose, throat, lungs, while producing Type G and Type A antibodies. In addition to Type A antibodies, which are found in the mouth and saliva where COVID-19 establishes, nasal vaccines also produced a greater number of white blood cells than current vaccines. Read more about the potential of nasal vaccines to prevent COVID-19 and how they stack up against muscular vaccines in durability of protection.

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June 2022

Covid is making flu and other common viruses act in unfamiliar ways

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted seasonal influenza patterns, perhaps due to variants competing with influenza or as a result of preventative measures reducing influenza exposure. No longer able to rely on typical seasonal patterns, doctors and hospitals are re-thinking inoculation and preventative strategies. Read about how physicians and infectious disease specialists are strategizing to combat increasingly unpredictable pathogens here.

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Funding Opportunities & Announcements

  • Zoonotic Disease Initiative [Discretionary Grant]                                        Fish and Wildlife Service / April 13, 2022 / June 27, 2022Apply Here

  • Planning Grant for Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program [Discretionary Grant]                                                                                NIH /January 8, 2021 / October 28, 2022                           Apply Here

  • Small Awards to Encourage Open Science Practices in Influenza Research [Award]                                                                                                          Flu Lab / Now Accepting Applications                               Apply Here

  • Wellcome Discovery Award [Grant]                                                          Wellcome / Open now / July 26, 2022                                Apply Here

  • Future Leaders Fellowship Round 7 [Fellowship]                                             UK Research and Innovation / September 6, 2022 / December 6, 2022 Apply Here