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Flu News Day, 6/7/2022

Read the latest on influenza vaccines and upcoming funding opportunities in this week’s roundup.

Welcome to #FluNewsDay—your weekly round-up of articles, announcements and funding opportunities from across the influenza and pandemic preparedness spheres! Formerly Flu News Friday, we’ve rebranded our series to launch every Tuesday to best support and engage with our readers. Stay tuned for other updates to our announcements and funding sections coming soon.

May 2022

Rapid COVID vaccine rollout ‘cost-effective’ in Africa

Nakweya, G. (2022, May 19). Rapid COVID vaccine rollout ‘cost-effective’ in Africa. SciDev Net.

As countries across Sub-Saharan Africa continue to face complex health threats with limited resources, new research has found that targeting specific risk groups for rapid vaccination can have an outsized impacts on preventing deaths and inflections—a highly cost-effective approach. Research from Africa CDC and the Kenya Medical Research Institute shows that rapid vaccination of those aged 50 and older, which comprises only 30% of Kenya’s population, could save 943 lives and prevent 3.9 million new infections in the country. Read about how this compares to averted deaths and cost-effectiveness thresholds when all adults over 18 are targeted in the press release here.

Read the full press release here
May 2022

Blue Water Vaccines Announces Sponsored Research Agreement Amendment to Continue Funding Universal Influenza Vaccine Development at The University of Oxford

Globe Newswire. (2022, May 31). Blue Water Vaccines announces sponsored research agreement amendment to continue funding Universal Influenza Vaccine Development at the University of Oxford. Yahoo! Finance. 

Universal influenza vaccine research and development will continue at the University of Oxford as Blue Water Vaccines Inc. has agreed to continue their funding for an additional 18 months. Studying H3 epitopes of limited variability in influenza B as well as H1 epitopes of limited variability, the team at Oxford will now continue researching Blue Water Vaccines Inc.’s universal influenza candidate, BWV-101, past the funding’s original end date of December 19, 2022. Read more about the increased funding for universal influenza vaccine development here.

Read the full article here
May 2022

First steps in reforming global health emergency rules adopted at WHO meeting

Reuters. (2022, May 28). First steps in reforming global health emergency rules adopted at WHO meeting.

A major global health victory, amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) will strengthen global pandemic preparedness. Amendments will require faster notification of disease threats, strengthen WHO’s role in informing and assisting countries, and speed up the implementation of other reforms. Learn more about the amendments adopted at the 75th World Health Assembly and read about all of the proposed amendments here.

Read the full article here
May 2022

Pandemic preparedness means policymakers need to work with social scientists

Pickersgill, M., Manda-Taylor, L., & Niño-Machado, N. (2022). Pandemic preparedness means policy makers need to work with social scientists. The Lancet. 

A perspective that is often discounted in the implementation of public health policies and programs, social scientists provide unique insights that reveal critical complexities in the implementation of global initiatives, including those related to pandemic preparedness and response (PPR). By engaging social scientists at the outset of PPR efforts, decision-makers and implementers can be sure to pose the appropriate questions and interpret answers within the social context of the populations they aim to serve. Read more about the need for multidisciplinary expertise in evidence-based policymaking here.

Read the full article here

Funding Opportunities & Announcements

  • PHS 2022-2 Omnibus Solicitation of the NIH, CDC and FDA for Small Business Innovation Research Grant Applications [SBIR Grant]           NIH, CDC / June 2, 2022 / August 5, 2022                                                Apply Here

  • Michelson Philanthropies & Science Prize for Immunology [Prize]
    Science/AAAS / Open Now / October 1, 2022                  Apply Here

  • Harnessing Data Science for Health Discovery and Innovation in Africa (DS-I Africa): Research Education Program [Discretionary Grant]
    NIH / May 27, 2022 / September 28, 2022                          Apply Here
  • Director, Vaccine Research Center  [Job Opportunity]                           NIAID / May 23, 2022 / Open Until Filled                          Apply Here

  • Assistant Director, Research and Programs, Duke GHIC [Job Opportunity]                                                                                                              Duke GHIC/ May 13, 2022 / Open Until Filled                                        Apply Here

  • K01 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award Department of Health and Human Services [Grant]
    CDC / April 1, 2022 / November 17, 2023                           Apply Here