Flu News Day, 7/21/2022

Read the latest on influenza vaccines and upcoming funding opportunities in this week’s roundup.

June 2022

A chimeric thermostable M2e and H3 stalk-based universal influenza A virus vaccine

Researchers have found that a new adjuvanted M2e-H3 stalk protein vaccine may confer protection against a broad range of influenza viruses, providing evidence that these chimeric proteins could be used in the development of universal vaccines for influenza. The modified H3 stalk domain and conserved M2e epitopes produced a thermostable and efficacious vaccine that induced M2e and stalk-specific IgG antibodies, CD8+ and CD4+ T cell responses and other promising immune responses in mice.

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July 2022

US forges partnership with South Africa's mRNA tech transfer hub

Afrigen Biologics Ltd. and the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) have formed a new partnership to share technical skills and resources that will expand access to mRNA vaccine manufacturing to low- and middle-income country settings. Afrigen hosts the WHO technology transfer hub in South Africa and aims to develop mRNA vaccines for a variety of disease including COVID-19, malaria, tuberculosis, and Ebola. Regional capacity to develop, manufacture and approve mRNA vaccines enables LMICs to achieve sustainable self-sufficiency when it comes to addressing persistent health challenges and responding to emerging threats. Read further to learn about the performance of the COVID-19 vaccine prototype and the timeline for clinical trials.

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June 2022

Launching A New Pandemic Preparedness Fund: A Crack in the Cycle of Panic and Neglect?

At the end of June, the World Bank Board voted in favor of creating a Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) for Pandemic Preparedness. Championed as a mechanism to break the cycle of crisis and complacency and make progress towards sustainable global health security, the FIF is designed to incentivize strategic planning and additional investment in preparedness by LMICs, themselves, as well as from external donors. Funding projects through implementing partners such as the IMF, the Global Fund, CEPI, WHO and other UN agencies, this funding mechanism will address global gaps in disease surveillance, emergency communications, laboratory systems and community engagement. Read the commentary by CSIS Senior Vice President J. Stephen Morrison and Pandemic Action Network co-founder Carolyn Reynolds to learn about their recommendations for successful implementation of the FIF.

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Funding Opportunities & Announcements

Centre for Doctoral Training: environmental solutions to zoonoses [Grant]
NERC, BBSRC, MRC / June 23, 2022 /July 29, 2022             Apply Here

Planning Grant for Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program [Discretionary Grant]                                                                                                         NIH /January 8, 2021 / October 28, 2022                                  Apply Here

Wellcome Discovery Award [Grant]                                                               Wellcome / Open now / July 26, 2022                                      Apply Here

NIAID Resource-Related Research Projects [Discretionary Grant]
NIAID / November 22, 2019 / January 7, 2023                       Apply Here

Data Management Coordinating Center for Diagnostic Centers of Excellence [Cooperative Agreement]                                                                        NIH / July 10, 2022 / August 10, 2022                                       Apply Here

Limited Competition: Research Resource for Human Organs and Tissues [Cooperative Agreement]                                                                                             NIH/ December 25, 2021 / September 25, 2022                     Apply Here

USAID/Uganda Health Activity [Discretionary Grant]                               Uganda USAID-Kampala / July 18, 2022 / August 22, 2022 Apply Here

Public Health Intervention Development [Grant]
Medical Research Council / July 15, 2022 / September 15, 2022 Apply Here