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Flu News Friday

February 28, 2020

The Latest in Influenza Vaccines

Surveillance Update: 310,000 hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths including 125 pediatric deaths so far this season from influenza

1.     Researchers Step Up Efforts To Develop A ‘Universal’ Flu Vaccine
Shahla Farzan, NPR / February 27, 2020

2.     Welcome to the Age of Pandemics
Peter Daszak, NYTimes Opinion / February 27, 2020

3.     With No Coronavirus Vaccine in Sight, Experts Push Other Shots
Naomi Kresge and Marthe Fourcad, Bloomberg / February 27, 2020

4.     RFA: Partnerships for the Development of Universal Influenza Vaccines
NIH Grants / February 27, 2020

5.     CDC Releases Interim Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Report
Chris Crawford, AAFP / February 26, 2020

6.     Building Trust in Vaccines is Essential for Global Health
Roger I. Class, Director of NIH Fogarty International Center /
Jan-Feb issue of Global Health Matters newsletter

7.     FDA Approves MF59 Adjuvanted Flu Vaccine for Adults 65 and Older
Contagion Editorial Staff, Contagion Life / February 25, 2020

8.       Pitching cGAMP as a vaccine strategy
Seth Thomas Scanlon, Science / February 21, 2020