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Flu News Friday 10/2/2020

October 2, 2020



The Latest in Influenza Vaccines

FAQs for the 2020–2021 flu season available here.

Burden estimates for the 2019–2020 flu season: 39,000,000–56,000,000 flu illnesses, 18,000,000–26,000,000 flu medical visits, 410,000–740,000 flu hospitalizations, and 24,000–62,000 flu deaths.

Surveillance for COVID-19 is available on COVIDView.

1. Influenza infection fortifies local lymph nodes to promote lung-resident heterosubtypic immunity

Paik & Farber et al., Journal of Experimental Medicine / October 1, 2020

2. Avian influenza: EU on alert for new outbreaks

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control / September 30, 2020

3. Flu Season Never Came to the Southern Hemisphere

Katie Peek, Scientific American / September 30, 2020

4. 1 in 3 Parents Say No to Influenza Vaccinations

John Parkinson, Contagion Live / September 29, 2020

5. Report: Flu vaccine for children in the time of COVID

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Michigan Medicine / September 28, 2020

6. Novavax to Present COVID-19, Influenza and RSV Candidate Vaccine Data at World Vaccine Congress Washington 2020

Novavax, Globe Newswire / September 28, 2020

7. Incorporating real-time influenza detection into the test-negative design for estimating influenza vaccine effectiveness: The real-time test-negative design (rtTND)

Feldstein et al., Clinical Infectious Diseases / September 25, 2020

8. Updated influenza vaccine advice targets protection of elderly and health workers

United Nations News / September 25, 2020

9. Aerosolized pH1N1 influenza infection induces less systemic and local immune activation in the lung than combined intrabronchial, nasal and oral exposure in cynomolgus macaques

Mooij et al., Journal of General Virology / September 25, 2020

10. Pharmacies are bracing for a surge in demand for flu shots amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Priyanka Runwal, STAT / September 25, 2020

11. Vaccine Delivery with a Detoxified Bacterial Toxin

Diaz-Arévalo et al., Vaccine Delivery Technology / September 22, 2020z