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Flu News Friday 10/9/2020

October 9, 2020

Graphical Abstract of Amitai et al., 2020

The Latest in Influenza Vaccines

FAQs for the 2020–2021 flu season available here.

Burden estimates for the 2019–2020 flu season: 39,000,000–56,000,000 flu illnesses, 18,000,000–26,000,000 flu medical visits, 410,000–740,000 flu hospitalizations, and 24,000–62,000 flu deaths.

Surveillance for COVID-19 is available on COVIDView.

1. High-risk, high-reward grants awarded to four Stanford researchers

Stanford Medicine / October 8, 2020

2. Could The Live Flu Vaccine Help You Fight Off COVID-19?

Michaeleen Doucleff, NPR / October 8, 2020

3. A step toward a universal flu vaccine

Anne Trafton, MIT News Office / October 7, 2020

4. Defining and Manipulating B Cell Immunodominance Hierarchies to Elicit Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Responses against Influenza Virus

Amitai et al., Cell Systems / October 7, 2020

5. Adenoviral Vector-Based Vaccine Platforms for Developing the Next Generation of Influenza Vaccines

Sayedahmed et al., Vaccines / October 1, 2020

6. What Will Cold-and-Flu Season Mean for the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Carolyn Kormann, The New Yorker / October 1, 2020

7. Funding Opportunity: Cohort Studies To Improve Our Understanding of Influenza Immunity, Vaccine Response and Effectiveness in Older Adults (65 years and older)

National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases / September 30, 2020

8. Virus Hunters program launches with students helping to prevent the next pandemic

Sasha Chait, Biobus / September 29, 2020

9. Funding Opportunity: Understanding Evolutionary Dynamics of Influenza to Inform and Improve Vaccine Strain Selection

National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases / September 25, 2020

10. Probing the evolution of Influenza at high resolution

The Bloom Lab, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center / September 20, 2020

11. Influenza–Host Interplay and Strategies for Universal Vaccine Development

Hwang et al., Vaccines / September 20, 2020