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Flu News Friday 9/18/20

September 18, 2020

Figure 3. of Sun et al., 2020. “Schematic diagram of immune responses activated by different types of potential universal influenza vaccines.”

The Latest in Influenza Vaccines

FAQs for the 2020–2021 flu season available here.

Burden estimates for the 2019–2020 flu season: 39,000,000–56,000,000 flu illnesses, 18,000,000–26,000,000 flu medical visits, 410,000–740,000 flu hospitalizations, and 24,000–62,000 flu deaths.

Surveillance for COVID-19 is available on COVIDView.

1. Progress in the Development of Universal Influenza Vaccines
Sun et al., Viruses / September 17, 2020

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Bruce Gellin, World Economic Forum / September 17, 2020

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Sarah Elizabeth Richards, National Geographic / September 15, 2020

4. How Flu Shots Can Help in the Fight Against Covid-19
Jane E. Brody, The New York Times / September 14, 2020

5. Flu may increase the spread of Covid-19
Max Planck Society / September 14, 2020

6. Tedros Adhanom on why vaccine nationalism harms efforts to halt the pandemic
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, The Economist / September 8, 2020

7. Podcast: Why is a Universal Flu Vaccine So Difficult to Develop?
BrainStuff / September 4, 2020

8. Pandemic-proofing the planet
The Economist / July 25, 2020

9. Immunophenotyping of COVID-19 and influenza highlights the role of type I interferons in development of severe COVID-19
Lee et al., Science Immunology / July 10, 2020