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FVF Ep. 4: Unlocking Influenza Pandemic Prevention

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Ep. 3: Influenza: King of Evolution

In this special, bite-sized episode of the Flu Vaccine Forum, global experts and innovators discuss why influenza is the king of viral evolution and the novel solutions required to finally outwit and eliminate this seasonal and pandemic threat.

The 2023 flu season has already started, but as people globally consider the influenza vaccine, the annual question remains; why is there a different influenza vaccine every year? What makes influenza different from other viruses like chicken pox?

The answer is seemingly simple; influenza is the king of viral evolution.

In this bite-sized edition of the Flu Vaccine Forum, experts explain what makes influenza king and suggest possible solutions for ways to outwit the evasive influenza virus. You can listen to the full podcast episode by clicking the link below.

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Outwitting the Evasive Influenza Virus

Influence of the Stars: An Influenza Documentary

Watch the teaser trailer for our upcoming documentary film, “Influence of the Stars,” slated for release in early 2024!

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