The Flu Vaccine Forum Series

A series of conversations with global public health experts about transforming the vaccine ecosystem towards a flu-free future.

The Influenzer Initiative's new podcast

The Flu Vaccine Forum is a webinar series hosted and organized by the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the Influenza Vaccine R&D Roadmap (IVR) Initiative and the Global Flu Funders Consortium. The forum brings together global funders, scientific experts, and key public policy, regulatory, and public health stakeholders from across the globe to explore current efforts to reimagine and transform vaccine research, pandemic preparedness and prevention initiatives in the context of advancing next-generation, universally protective influenza vaccines (UIV) and key issues and highlights from the IVR.

The series is available as both a podcast and a video webinar series.

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Our latest episode

Ep. 3: Influenza: King of Evolution

In this special, bite-sized episode of the Flu Vaccine Forum, global experts and innovators discuss why influenza is the king of viral evolution and the novel solutions required to finally outwit and eliminate this seasonal and pandemic threat.

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Ep. 2: From Promise to Progress: Universal Influenza Vaccines

Game-changing universal influenza vaccine candidates show promise in preclinical studies– What’s next? In the second episode of the Flu Vaccine Forum, Dr. Diane Post (Chief, Viral Respiratory Diseases Section, DMID/NIAID/NIH) leads Dr. Norman Baylor (Former Director, FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review), Dr. Scott Hensley (University of Pennsylvania), and Dr. Amin Khan (Afrigen Biologics & Vaccines) in discussion of the regulatory uncertainty that promising next-generation, broadly protective influenza vaccine candidates face on the long journey from preclinical research to the marketplace and explore strategies for overcoming them.

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Ep. 1: Shaping the Future of Global Next-Generation Influenza Vaccine Research

In the first episode of the Flu Vaccine Forum, experts Rosalind Hollingsworth, Eric Karikari-Boateng, Chris Chadwick, William Ampofo and Tiago Rocca speak live from the Influenzer Initiative’s special event at the Titanic Museum in September 2022. Discussing vaccine equity, sustainable investment in influenza vaccine production in lower- and middle-income countries, the potential for future mRNA vaccines and more, the panel speaks to the need for partnerships and collaboration.

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